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At SoCal Upfitters Inc. we have your business in mind. We have partnered with established and professional Truck Dealers Nationwide to be able to provide you upfront fleet pricing and competitive package financing. Not only are those steps covered but we insure that our truck dealers work with the best truck body manufacturers and distributors to be able to provide you a long lasting truck body. Take advantage of what we do. Its Free and our process is simple...

know which Truck brand(s) you want for your saw cutting bed

We work with all light, medium and heavy duty manufacturer dealers including. Knowing which brand you are looking to purchase can allow us to connect with the Local Truck Dealer nearest you. We currently work with Ford, Ram, Isuzu, International and Chevrolet dealers. Medium and Heavy Duty lines are starting to make their way. If you are interested in a particular unit please let us know!


know which type of Saw cutter bed and equipment you want to build

You know your business better than we do but give us some insight and allow us to ask a couple of questions to be able to recommend the correct concrete body and equipment set up for your business. The different beds and layout of cutting equipment available can be useful for numerous different reasons as well as the types of job sites your business is currently contracting. We currently design, construct and upfit 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 18ft customized saw bodies, either open or enclosed. At SoCal Upfitters Inc, we have built and upfitted well over 100 customized saw bodies around the country.

Truck body Line-up

At SoCal Upfitters Inc., our signature bodies are the customized 12ft - 18ft saw bodies, but we also design and manufacture custom flatbeds and stake beds from 9ft - 26ft in length, contractor bodies from 10ft- 18ft in length, combo bodies, fencing contractor bodies and very customized industry specific vehicles.


Since we build and design custom truck bodies, it gives us a superior advantage when it comes to upfitting commercial vehicles for our clients. We install generators, lift gates, lubrication systems, PTO systems, tanks, cranes, air compressors, inverters, reels, LED light bars, emergency LED beacons, strobe and lighting, backup camera systems, compartment lights and alarms, toolboxes, bed covers, bed liners and many other custom request. Our installations are all back up by a 1 year warranty.

Get started and let us go to work for you!

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