Our partnerships with local truck dealers, truck body builders and lending institutions is a selective process and a valuable position to hold.

Truck dealers

SoCal Upfitters Inc. allows all nationwide truck dealers and equipment vendors to list their inventory on our website for sale but not every truck dealer and equipment vendor is an exclusive Partner in our Truck Buying Program. If you're familiar with the way Costco works then you will be familiar with the way we partner with truck dealers and provide the consumer with the deal. Every dealer must live up to moral and ethical standards as well as provide competitive pricing and financing. We get straight to it. With the amount of traffic and business we help build for these dealers as a whole allows them to be able to give you what you need and deserve for your growing business. Our truck dealers use only the best in truck body building, they're certified, build high quality truck bodies and they build them fast!

equipment financing

As you may already know, our truck dealers can provide an array of lending solutions - whether it is leasing or 100% financing they can provide your business with purchasing power through many different equipment lending institutions. If you want more options we can help find the solution as well. Our partnerships don't stop with the truck dealer. We can assist you with an equipment loan through our partner lending institutions.

Truck body Line-up

At SoCal Upfitters Inc., our signature bodies are the customized 12ft - 18ft saw bodies, but we also design and manufacture custom flatbeds and stake beds from 9ft - 26ft in length, contractor bodies from 10ft- 18ft in length, combo bodies, fencing contractor bodies and very customized industry specific vehicles.


Since we build and design custom truck bodies, it gives us a superior advantage when it comes to upfitting commercial vehicles for our clients. We install generators, lift gates, lubrication systems, PTO systems, tanks, cranes, air compressors, inverters, reels, LED light bars, emergency LED beacons, strobe and lighting, backup camera systems, compartment lights and alarms, toolboxes, bed covers, bed liners and many other custom request. Our installations are all back up by a 1 year warranty.

Become a Partner

We are looking for truck dealers, fleet leasing and large fleet organizations, please fill out the contact form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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